Discover What Our Local Artists Have Created

Visit our local art gallery in Texarkana

Are you a collector of unique art pieces in the Texarkana area? If so, make sure you visit The Gallery at 1894. We're a local art gallery that buys and sells artwork created by local artists. Whether you're looking to add an oil painting to your collection or want a beautiful piece of pottery for decor, we have what you need.

Explore our over 12,000-square-foot art space with over 100 artists represented. Call 870-330-5003 now to ask about our art exhibit schedule.

See what we have in store for you

At our local art gallery, we don't just sell artwork. We also aim to engage our community with painting, sketching and ceramics. Our gallery offers:

  • A gift registry: Perfect for weddings or baby showers, where you can select your favorite pieces of art
  • Art classes: Open for adults and children, where you get to learn the basics of painting
  • Hearts for Arts: A juried art show, open to all local artists within 100 miles of Texarkana, AR
Just want to peruse the beautiful pieces we have? Check out what's currently in our art exhibit now when you stop by during visiting hours.

We are honored to partner with many talented Artists and Authors


John Abney, Roger Allen, Tyler Arnold, Christopher Bachers, Gabrielle Bachers, Gary Bachers, Blanche Barber, Bill Bauer, Nataliya Bittorf, Denise Bolster, Mike Brisco, Andrew Brown, Anthony Bruce, Robert Burns, Niki Clark, Darla Clement, Marci Clinton, Nancy Coe, Polly Cook, Richard Cramer, Billy Creutz, Delbert Dowdy, Jeannie Knod Edwards, Charles Ellingburg, Amber Fenix, Cheryl Flook, Kathryn Franklin, Bill Garrison, Gloria Garrison, John Garrison, Ann Gaskin, Leitha Herring, Cindy Holmes, Sandy Hubler, Jeff Hull, Crystal Johnson, Judy Jones, Nickie Keith, Debbie King, Kim Kirtley, Bart Klaver, Glen Knod, Allen Lane, Linda Larey, Skyy Laudermilk, Mary Long, Jeff Loving, Mary Lynch, Dean Lynn, Daniel McMahon, Amily Miori, Jody Mosley, Terri de Natale, Debbie Nicholas, David Peavy, Doug Petty, David Pinkerton, David Price, Melissa Price, Sharon Prishiphy, William Raney, Sam Reep, Teya Sherman, Darryl Shuler, Ronnie Sladovnik, Carrie Slay, Eileen Stearman, Rodney Steele, Jenny Stevens, Chris Thomas, Marilyn Thomas, Agnes Tirrito, Victor Vera, Judy Wright Walter, Vivian Warren, Ron Washington, Cedric Watson, Jes Weiner, Pam Williamson, and Lonell Wormington


Ed Black, Janet Brantley, Vicki Carr, DC Gomez, Pam Kumpe, Lady Langley, Arwen McDaneil, Karla Moore, Coco Quarles, Dr. Beverly Rowe, Dana Wayne, Matthew White, Cecelia Wilson, and
Patty Wiseman

Give a colorful gift to that special someone

Whether it's a birthday or holiday, a piece of art is always a wonderful gift idea. Instead of purchasing an everyday mass-produced item, give them a one-of-a-kind piece that can't be found anywhere else. We also make gift giving a breeze, thanks to our registry programs and souvenir shop. You'll find what you're looking for in no time.